August 20, 2010

Bedroom Inspiration

not that kind of inspiration. ;)

we have done a lot of work on our master bedroom since moving in - painted, replaced the carpet, built a second closet, installed built-in closet systems, got a king bed (awesome, awesome, and more awesome.), and the list goes on. but when i look at it, there is still something missing to make it feel complete.

often when i'm looking for inspiration for my own home, i go back through my home decor files and search for rooms that have the look and feel of what i'm going for - or at least what i wish i was going for! here are a few designer rooms that continue to inspire me no matter how many times i look at them. feast your eyes :)

don't know where i got this image - sorry!! if you know, i'm happy to give credit

image via plum interiors

image via plum interiors

image via decorpad

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