August 31, 2010

Green Is Not The Enemy

the color green has never really been a friend of mine. if you can't tell from some of my other posts, i am a blue girl, and given the choice, almost always opt for the blue colorway. not sure why - maybe it goes back to my horse show days where a blue ribbon is 1st place and green ribbon is 6th place - but my eye is naturally drawn to blue.

until one day i laid eyes on imperial trellis by kelly wearstler in, gasp, green and let green into my life. dramatic enough? :) earlier this year i had the pillows below made by the wonderful melanie at plumcushion via etsy (if you have not yet discovered the awesomeness that is etsy, i highly recommend it friends).

i had them welted in navy - still adding blue where i can :) this fabric has been blogged about to death but i still love it. here are some amazing rooms featuring the fabric in the green colorway.

chloe sevigny's entryway:

image via decorpad

one kick-ass bedroom:

image via kelly green

my living room, and possibly also the dining room, will feature green. so now time to, as the fab tim gunn likes to say (it is project runway time of year after all), "make it work!"


pve design said...

blue and green are pretty - if you are a blue girl, you can find something like this in blue.

Meredith said...

i am loving green and blue right now! specifically grass green, navy blue, and pale blue together - a happy color palette!

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