August 18, 2010

Really Cool Closets

who doesn't have a thing for really cool closets? we were fortunate to be able to build a second closet in our bedroom for his and hers walk-ins as well as install closet systems. while i wouldn't put ours in the "really cool" category, or even near it, they are vastly improved from what we had before.

new closet showcasing mr. r's anal side and giving just a glipmse of the shoe "problem"

existing closet

but getting to the are some actual REALLY cool closets that cause drool to spontaneously drip down the face... starting with my personal fave:

doesn't this make you want to run out and buy a gallon of blue paint? no? then maybe wallpaper is your thing:

or mirrors?:

this so isn't me but for some reason i love it at the same time:

designer nate berkus's closet - great man's closet - i would kill for any of my real rooms to be designed as well as this closet:

and last but not least, mariah carey's "closet"... seriously???

all images via decorpad


The Masini Family: said...

I could live in some of these closets! ;-) Our closet is our next clean out project before the move...want to come visit and help?! ;-) Unfortunately, all of the houses down here have these terrible textured walls, so wallpaper is out and if we weren't moving, maybe I would paint...but I will take all of your tips and catalog them for our next house! Love it!

Artie said...

My two favorites are Nate's closet (surprise, surprise) and the white closet with mirrors. Your his and hers walk-ins look great, although it looks like they're mostly hers! :)

Anonymous said...

Seems like the number of shirts may equal the number of shoes, Mr. R!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog. Lots of design inspiration and cool ideas. This posting on closets gave me some ideas on how I can deal with the lack of storage space in my own home.

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