September 26, 2010

Men's Messenger Bags

my husband likes to carry a bag to work. there is almost nothing in it but nonetheless, it makes him feel more official.

this is his current bag and it has done him well. only problem is that the velcro doesn't stick anymore. but style-wise, it's timeless:

image via jack spade

regardless, i thought i'd take a look to see what else is out there. starting with boden's messenger bag:

lands end canvas:

rag and bone:

image via barneys

cole haan "portage":

a gorgeous one from burberry:

image via nordstrom

in case you're in the market for $700 bags, i did notice that saks has a very nice selection of burberry online. :) it will never be our reality but it's nice to look at! have you found any that you like?

1 comment:

The Masini Family: said...

B likes to call his (that he got FOREVER ago in Europe) his "man purse"...although, we has given it up in favor of a backpack b/c of all of the work & computer he lugs around now. Looks like you are getting a head start on some Christmas shopping! ;-)

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