September 28, 2010

New Favorite Website

reading the daily candy deals email today and clicked on a link to i then had a silent omg-this-site-is-freakin-amazing moment at my desk. followed closely by a thank-you-god-for-the-internet moment. just look at this stuff (some of which by the way is in my shopping cart).

first of all, if i had an iphone, one of these would be on it.

greek key and jonathan adler? yes.

have you heard of built nyc? they make amazing laptop cases, among other things, that have great design:

also love this travel organizer/case thingy:

i need these for my little magazine habit:

if i were super duper organized, i would treat myself to a few of these. but i'm not so i can't:

all images via see jane work

see anything you all of a sudden can't live without? :) p.s. the daily candy code to get 30% off is daily30. go wild!

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