September 15, 2010

WSH: My Love for Thee

if i had mucho bucks, i would quit my job, work part-time for williams sonoma home (assuming they had one in Boston - wtf?) and buy all of their wares with my employee discount. actually if i had mucho bucks, i wouldn’t need the discount or the job but you get what i’m saying.

a few items that i am lusting over and will continue to for the foreseeable future (right mr. r?).

hampstead desk and mirror - more bamboo :) i don't think i'll ever get tired of it:

same desk but with a chrome base:

many items in this one including the bedford sofa and x bench:

greek key coffee table:

a couple of wsh items from my own home (disclaimer: these were purchased as final sale i.e. very discounted and not available any more).

nickel bamboo chandelier:

yeesh, bad picture! blue tape - the sign of changes, actually many changes, to come. i also have the table and chairs on craigslist right now if anyone in the boston area is interested.

blue and white oxford stripe bedding in a guest room:

so not to detract from the love here but i will lodge one teensy complaint: the fabrics. recently i've noticed that their fabric selections online are completely devoid of any patterns. there are many wonderful textures but they are almost entirely all solids. wsh, you used to offer many fun and bold patterns (like in the pic below) so why the change?? this would be a bigger problem if i could afford to buy an upholstered piece but nonetheless, there you have my gripe!

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