December 7, 2010

Entry Rug

as it so happens, my entry is now getting a mini makeover. this was not intended of course, but sometimes these things just happen ;) first, i found a wallpaper that makes me smile:

image via thibaut design

and the floor was the next obvious step. one of my favorite ways to dress up a room is with a rug that makes a statement. with the scrolling medallion pattern on the wallpaper, i thought a geometric pattern on the floor would create a nice contrast. go-to pattern? chevron!

you probably have heard of or been to calypso st. barth for their beach-chic clothing (there's one in boston if you're local). but did you also know they have a home section? and that in that home section they have some great looking rugs? i think i may have found the next piece in my entry makeover (completely by accident of course!):

check out these other great colors it comes in too. navy:

and pink!

there are more sizes too and right now they're offering free shipping, which on a rug, saves a good amount of moolah. do you have a little bit of floor that could be improved by a great rug?

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