January 2, 2011

New Year's Intentions

i am personally not one for new year's resolutions. usually they end up sounding pretty fake to me. and often more like a chore accompanied by a heaping scoop of guilt if i don't follow through. but then my yoga teacher was talking in class about resolutions vs. intentions and for some reason it really rang true for me. resolutions somehow sound negative but an intention is something i want to do.

kate spade via tumblr (i'm down with the hooky one)

so this year i am going to try out 1 single solitary intention. and that is gratitude. i'm going to make an effort to think of things that went right each day, instead of all the stuff that didn't. i will give thanks for the people, animals, things in my life that make me smile that day.

one idea to make this intention become reality is to start a gratitude journal. of course i think it will only help my cause if i find a pretty notebook in which to keep my thoughts! (what a great resolution intention that incorporates shopping. oops, is this off task?) here are some lovely options.

sarah pinto:

on the faux bois theme from barnes & noble:

jonathan adler available at lifeguard press:

this one might say it all :)

is this something you already do? any other resolutions, or intentions, that you are incorporating in 2011?

1 comment:

JLL said...

This is my favorite post yet! LOVE LOVE it. And of course, your journal ideas are great too. :)

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