January 11, 2011

Petite Fit Jeans

i'm 5'5" so not tall but also not short (or so i like to think!). i'll give my self approximately average height yet every pair of jeans i buy, i have to chop off 4-5" off the bottom. 1. it's annoying to spend even more money at a tailor beyond what you just spent on the jeans and 2. it can change the style of the jeans to cut that much off the bottom. why do they make jeans so long?

anyway, for christmas i received a $100 giftcard to nordstrom and set out to find a new pair of jeans that i could put on and wear right out of the store (not literally, that's a little weird). much to my delight, nordstrom carries several brands of "petite fit" denim that are 31" or 32" inseams for those of us of non-model height. i tried on citizens, hudson, and paige but ended up walking out with a pair of joe's (the bottom picture). and took advantage of their after-christmas sale!

all images via nordstrom

is anyone else annoyed by the inseam lengths on jeans? granted, i know that the gap, jcrew, and other stores carry jeans of normal length but since my giftcard was to nordstrom, i looked at higher-end brands.

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The Masini Family: said...

I love Joe's! I have even found them at the Neiman outlet and once at TJMaxx!

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