March 17, 2011

Hall Bath Knobs

the computer was highjacked tonight by a fantasy baseball draft and now it's past my bedtime. so a short post. but before i forget, thanks for the great comments on facebook today!!

so i think i found the knobs that will complete the look in our hall bath. as you might recall from this post, i was looking for something vintagey - cut glass or crystal. but not fancy or formal looking. funnily enough a rejuvenation catalog came in the mail and in it were these:

1 1/4" hexagonal glass knob

i think they're a good mix of not too vintage (i.e. old) looking and not fussy. and at $5 a knob, i'm sold! check out these other great colors it comes in. i want to find a place to use these too!


and tiffany blue:

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