April 8, 2011

Friday Finds: ZARA

first, thanks to everyone who gave me their thoughts/opinions/comments on the friday posting theme! i've decided to go with "friday finds", as you saw, so i can capture lots of different topics - including fashion and etsy! shout out to CMM for the brilliant idea. ok, on with it...

so not exactly a new find but it kind of is for me. have you ever shopped at zara? i haven't. it's just one of those stores that looks chaotic inside and i always keep on walking by. except for this past saturday when for some reason it wasn't over run by people, the racks were orderly, and this shirt caught my eye on a manekin:

except on the manekin it was paired with a cute white skirt instead of these too short red shorts. back has an exposed zipper:

next i saw this color block top for $39.90 (which was the same price of the blue & green top above). i immediately thought of a trip we're taking to nyc and thought it would be perfect for dinner out.

i actually didn't see this trench in the store but i wish i had (probably good for my wallet!). love love loving the fantastic coral color:

saw this dress - wouldn't it be perfect for a fabulous tropical vacation? too bad i don't have one of those planned!

the girl behind me in line (the two tops ended up making their way home with me) was buying this dress which i thought was really pretty and would look great with a statement belt. the back has a v which was a cute detail.

all images courtesy of zara

one complaint - you can't purchase anything on the zara website. kills me! any zara fans out there? i am now!

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