April 11, 2011

Master Bath Reno Part 2

alrighty, time for the "after"!! starting back at the plans from part 1 post, i'll quickly take you through the new bath. i came up with the layout and the plans below were drawn up by the cabinet vendor with my basic dimensions.

ok, let's orient ourselves at the toilet (what better place?), start there and go counter clockwise.

  1. the toilet stays in virtually the same spot, just rotated 90 degrees. best piece of advice i got was that the toilet shouldn't face the doorway, which it did originally, so we swung it around. 
  2. next to the toilet as you're sitting on it (hehe) i wanted a half wall to partly block the view. ;) we contemplated a full wall and even a separate toilet room but in the end decided the bathroom was way too small and either of those options would be very claustrophobic.
  3. in front of the half wall there was room for a 21" deep storage cabinet.
  4. then crossing over the door comes the best part of all, a big, beautiful 5'x3' shower! no space for a tub but we aren't the tub types anyway and there's one in the hall bath if needed.
  5. lastly is the vanity with double sinks and a storage cabinet between the sinks.

i'll spare you most of the construction photos but here are just a few starting with the shower.

new recessed lights!

half wall with storage cabinet!

honestly i know this sounds crazy but one of my favorite things is the new light switch. let me show you why :) before:

6 switches. after, just 1! (before it was repainted)

ok on to the good stuff...i had a clearly defined vision for this bathroom, which i think really helped because with all the options in tile, cabinetry, and hardware it's so easy to get overwhelmed. in my head was dark stained wood, white and gray marble, white subway tile, and chrome. traditional with a vintage twist.

i'll start again with the toilet!

storage cabinet:

shower! glass enclosure, subway bricks, marble mosaic band, and a river rock floor. i love.

vanity. the empty towel bar below the counter is for a bath mat. not sure why i didn't have one out when i took this pic!

the paint color is hard to see but it's a pale aqua to keep with the spa-like feel of the rest of the bath. i also went with glass towel bars, knobs, and pulls to keep it feeling light. i would be happy to give a brief resources guide if you're interested - just let me know!

i know this post makes it seems like an easy and smooth project but it wasn't. as i think with most projects there were some, shall we say, issues. the marble floor had to be installed 3 times because the tile people didn't measure right to begin with and then tried to match in tile that didn't match at all. we also had a major leak at one point which came though the ceiling of the kitchen. so it definitely wasn't all roses!

but in the end we are so happy with how it came out and wouldn't change a thing! just thought i'd throw it out there - i would also be happy to consult on remodel project so please contact me if interested! zakattak2 at hotmail dot com


Anonymous said...

Looks nice. Why did you extend the vanity top out to the side? It feels a little awkward. The towel bar under the vanity top? I didn't get that either. Other than that looks beautiful.

Meredith said...

hi anonymous,

i'd love to know who I'm talking to! to answer your questions, the counter was extended to make the most of the counter space and not leave dead space in what is not the biggest of bathrooms. i actually thought it would be more awkward to cut the counter off at the end of the vanity. i also think it hides the trash can some. the towel bar - as i explained, this is for the bath mat and in this small space there weren't any other options to hang the bath mat so we opted for this placement under the counter. we had to get creative with the zig zag wall configuration!

Artie said...

I love it, especially the river rock floor in the shower. You included a lot of classic materials that will last (and look great) for a long time!

Artie said...

By the way, where are the mirrors above the vanity from?

Meredith said...

thanks! the mirrors are from restoration hardware and they're the "traditional wall mirror"

From Bean to Sprout said...

Love your master bath! How are your floors holding up? We're in the middle of a similar project, but even though I love the look I'm so torn about marble flooring. Are you still loving it? Is it a lot of maintenance?

meredith said...

hi kim! thanks, unfortunately i really don't know! we moved from that house so i can't really talk to the longevity! the only thing i can say is that if you're looking to put marble on the counters, go with honed. i did polished and right away there were water stains in the finish. there would still be upkeep since it's marble but it would look better i think. not sure that helps at all but good luck with your project!

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