May 10, 2011


this is not something i would normally do but i feel compelled...i have watched the today show for the last 30 years (yes, since almost birth). i go back to jane pawley people. it’s part of my morning routine, the day doesn’t feel the same without catching a little each morning. i have embraced every new anchor, weather man, reporter, etc. the only person i can't get behind is ann curry. she irks me. a lot. then this morning the unthinkable occurred. the announcement that ann is taking over as co-host. i am realizing that my beloved today show may no longer be part of my morning ritual. oh the sadness.

dramatic enough? :)

i know this may sound like a personal assault – it’s not – i’m sure ann is very nice in real life. and she has great taste in shoes. but she tends to bumble and fumble her words and i just can't take her seriously. i think the nbc execs made a big mistake with this one.

does anyone else have this same aversion and reaction? do you completely disagree?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll be finding a new morning home.:(

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