May 25, 2011


so this past weekend mr. r and i ventured into the big city (jk, we're not total bumpkins) to exchange two gifts that we recently received. my in-laws took a trip to paris and italy and my incredibly sweet m-i-l brought us each back a gift.

i received a longchamp bag which i love but the color was similar to a red one that i already own so i decided to switch it for the taupe color.

image via nordstrom

easy, no problem, the saleswoman couldn't have been nicer.

my husband's gift was a very nice hermes tie (but color was the same as one he already has). i mean anything from hermes would be very nice - this is not a store that we frequent exactly. ok so it was our first time setting foot in the door! but dare i saw it may have been our last - at least in the boston store.

the saleswoman was a joke - the total epitome of what you imagine a super high-end luxury store to have. almost out of a movie. (pretty woman anyone?) i started explaining what we needed help with and she abruptly cut me off, treating us like the riff-raff that she clearly thought we were. she asked us when we received the gift because it wasn't a color that she recognized. it's from PARIS and i'm pretty sure if it's good enough for paris it's good enough for boston!  and if i can turn the tables for a second, she was really badly dressed!

booo hermes for employing someone like that and fostering that kind of behavior. in the end he came home with this tie which i think is fantastic and just may be worth the incivility that we put up with!

i think they could take a lesson or two from longchamp - just be nice! have you ever experienced something similar?

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