June 30, 2011

Make It Your Own

at work we were talking about decorating your house and a woman said to me, (loosely paraphrased) "well you never get to it all. we did our downstairs but we've never painted our bedroom. and we still have wallpaper from the 80s in our office. you know?"

NO. i don't know. that comment floored me. this person has not touched multiple rooms in the 20 years or so that they have lived in their house. so today i preach, MAKE IT YOUR OWN. don't live with the builder's white paint. or the drapes that were left by the previous owners. or the bad wallpaper. and it doesn't mean spending tons of money. all of of these types of projects are things you can do yourself.

so figure out what you like and go for it. and just remember, if you don't like it the first time, try again. or better yet get samples first :)

ruthie sommers

p.s don't forget about the outside too!

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