June 21, 2011

We Can Always Look...

...but at these prices i doubt there'll be much touching! here are some very pretty items from horchow that i enjoy looking at.

i'm not a red person but if you are, this is probably eating you alive:

mmm, zebra:

check it, the queen duvet is $795:

sarah richardson made 2 of these on her summer house show. did anyone see that?

what i wouldn't give for a pair of these in a bedroom one day:

all items available at horchow.com. now i will mention that horchow is offering 30% off all items for the next 2 days!

1 comment:

The Flip Side said...

And thanks to you I now own Horchow mirror wall art- originally $695.. purchased for $209! Can't afford not to buy it, right!

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