October 3, 2011


i love the natural, rugged, and imperfect look of driftwood.

like this mirror from ballard:

and this star from pb teen (i know, again with the teeny bopper crap, but it's kinda cute):

we were in the market for a piece of furniture for our kitchen that would give us some much needed storage. we have these two columns that separate the kitchen from the family room. if we had oodles of money, i would have opted for kitchen cabinetry with a nice cherry top that would have surrounded and incorporated the columns for a totally custom, built-in look. this was not in the cards. instead i recently found a sideboard made out of reclaimed wood and made to look like driftwood.

close up detail:


i am totally enamored with how this has instantly given the kitchen more character, and in a good way. i envision more lanterns of varying heights on top. to me this is the law of (opposites) attraction. a tailored sectional, crisp white trim, and rustic, natural wood. so when in doubt, go opposite!

p.s. boston-area peeps - this can be found at boston interiors!

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