December 21, 2011

Boots Found!

an update on this post about the j crew boots - i would say they fit true to size but were hard to get on since there isn't a zipper. i like the lack of a zipper, just made it harder to wedge your foot in there. especially my big fat ones (which is so funny to me because my whole life i've had extremely narrow feet - like skis)! but in the end though they just weren't for me. i wish i could pull off that look but at least in my present state i can't imagine it.

so fast forward to monday when i found these boots ($220 at nordstrom) for $97 at endless! completely different style i know but all of those buckles somehow appeal to me. plus i saw someone trying them on once and they looked killer.

miz mooz kira

can't say i know anything about this brand but i think they're going to be great with leggings and skinny jeans. dreaming of non-maternity clothes!

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