December 1, 2011

An Editing Eye

sometimes when designing a room i tend to have lot of ideas. ideas are a good thing - it means the juices are flowing - but then you have to be careful that you aren't creating a mishmash look where nothing relates to each other. it's important to sort of pull back and assess which ideas will work together and which ones need to go in the files for the next room.

i suffer from a lack of editing! case in point - although this could pertain to any room - the nursery. i realized that i had tried to incorporate (nearly) every idea i had for a nursery. it hit me that the room was starting to feel cluttered, not the clean and simple look that i set out to create like some of my inspiration rooms.

via decorpad

via project nursery

sadly one of the ideas that isn't going to make it into the nursery after all is the giraffe sconces. i'm sad about this because they are one of my faves but as i look around the room, there is a lot going on and they would just be too much. i hope to use them somewhere else!

another tendency, especially with large rooms, is feeling the need to fill it up. i think it's natural - we're always told to make the best use of a space. but sometimes it's nice to give the eye a chance to rest and not be overstimulated by a whole bunch of stuff.

anyway, to appease myself, i ordered a jonathan adler giraffe nightlight. yes, the price is absurd for a nightlight but i needed this giraffe in some way or another. :)

whoa, was a lot of words, sorry!!

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