December 5, 2011

Tinted Lip Balm

i have been on the hunt for a lip balm with some color to it, not a gloss and not a full fledged lipstick. something that i can put on really quickly without having to look in the mirror, like chapstick, but better. i found three options (all with spf!) in my search so i thought i'd share my reviews!

1. laura mercier hydra tint: this is actually my least favorite of the three. it gets great reviews on lots of websites - people love it - so i may be in the minority here. because of the reviews i bought two colors, crimson and nude. the crimson is way too bright for my complexion and a lot more color than i expected for a product described as "sheer" color. the nude on the other hand is barely there (ok, it's called nude) and it has a weird taste. i also think this stays on for the least amount of time of the three i tried.

via sephora

2. dior addict lip glow: this also gets great reviews and claims to work with your chemistry to create a color that's a little different for everyone. on me it's kind of a flushy, natural pink. it smells nice and is pretty hydrating. it stays on for a long time and is not sticky. me likey.

via sephora

3. nars pure sheer: for me, you really can't go wrong with nars. i love pretty much everything i try from them and this is another example. i bought this in the angelique color which looks strong but isn't at all once it's on. this and the dior are a tie for my favorites.

via nordstrom

any other suggestions out there? p.s. guys - stocking stuffer ideas here!

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