May 7, 2012

Guest Post: Design Shuffle

i was so excited when design shuffle reached out to me about doing a guest post on vfmh! and as you'll see, this post is very apropos for what's going on in my life right now :) thanks to the design shuffle team for some great inspiration! enjoy! ...

Hi, all! I'm Mari, a writer for Design Shuffle, the fantastic social networking site where interior designers share their work and design enthusiasts find decorating ideas and inspiration for their projects. As a writer for Design Shuffle, I'm so excited to be visiting with you at view from my heels to share some of my favorite rooms. Today, we're going to explore bedrooms for two or more kids - very appropriate since Meredith has beautiful twin boys in the house. Creating a comfortable room for two, three or more is a challenge for both designers and parents. However, the results, like the eight we're sharing here, often show us they're up for the task and leave us in awe of their creativity and resourcefulness. Please enjoy!   

Kids Rooms 
This crisp blue and white room would work beautifully for boys or girls. Bunk beds were chosen to allow room for comfy seating on the opposite wall. I love the combination of stripes and checks and the custom pendant light.

  Kids Rooms 
By fitting two beds and overhead storage on one wall, there's plenty of room for play in the rest of the space. Of course, as with bunk beds, safety measures for toddlers might have to be taken with that cute little ladder.

  Kids Rooms 
A bedroom space any mother could love, it's chic and offers lots of toy storage. The color palette is bright and cheerful, while the tall draped window adds a touch of grown-up charm.

Kids Rooms 
It seems red and blue is a perennial favorite in interior designs for children's rooms. This open airy space can easily grow with the kids from toddler to teen room.

  Kids Rooms 
What a charming coastal feel this bedroom has. Again, we see the benefit of placing both beds on one wall, this time with a center divider that allows for a bit more privacy.

  Kids Rooms 
This lovely room seems fit for royalty, two little princes or princesses. With a formal feel, it's still comfortable and child friendly. I love the simple, but elegant canopies.

  Kids Rooms 
An inspired design for quadruplets, this one is quite adorable. The beds are charming, the upholstered benches offer cool storage and the oversized animals want to follow me home.

  Kids Rooms 
Soft pastels are perfect for this unique beach cottage style bedroom design for four. I love the cool minty color of the window trim. 

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Which kid room is your favorite? If you check out Design Shuffle here, there are even more great ideas and inspiration to decorating your kid's rooms!

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Anonymous said...

Do you sell these wall murals designs ? I want to do this to my son’s room, he loves animals, but he’s still a boy and autistic, so I need to make certain it’s sealed…

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