March 5, 2013

Half Apron

hey hey hey. how was your weekend? whadya do? did i ever think i would be posting about APRONS twice? no. but i am, so i hope you don't think less of me. 

i saw this at cup of jo and i just love it so had to re-post. super idea – basically like wearing a dishtowel but a cute one! (hmm maybe i shouldn't go into marketing) navy ticking with red stitching – sign me up. i even like that simple white bowl with the navy edge. pretty. the price tag at $58 seems a little steep though given the amount of actual material, no?

etsy to the rescue! ticking at over $20 less.

needless to say, there are a million options on etsy so if this isn’t the one for you – there are tons more. and of course if you are the crafty type, then you could just whip one up on your sewing machine! me, not so much. i will stick to pre-made :)

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