April 23, 2013

# 500!

yesterday was my 500th post (!) but unfortunately it came at the wrong time to celebrate. {some of you who don’t live around here - and maybe some of you who do - may be getting annoyed with my recent posts. but to me, last week's tragedy is still raw. normally i think would say sorry for posting about non-design stuff so much but in this case i'm not really sorry.}

so instead, happy 500th +1 post little bloggy blog and here’s to no more posts like the 500th! so lately i've been seeing lots of bedrooms that have been catching my eye. like these...

acid green and turquoise. it's like sweet and sour (well, sour and sweet).

bhg via decorpad

black and white. so good.


check this headboard.

phoebe howard

pretty in pink.

via traditional home
palm beach preppy!

via designer's attic

so eclectic and fabulous. really digging the little loveseat.

via designer's attic

and speaking of bedrooms, many thanks to the zhush for pinning my bedroom! i tried to tell the hubs that we were now famous but he wasn't really feeling the excitement. ;)

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