April 11, 2013

Lilly Pulitzer

i'm sure everyone is putting in their two cents about lilly pulitzer with her recent passing but i'll add mine as well. i used to wear a lot of lilly - i went to private school, rode horses, and went to college in the south. i was crazy in love with the whole look for a long time! tastes change as mine did and i'm not so into it anymore. but i still have a few pieces that i pull out from time to time when i'm feeling extra super preppy. i even got my hubby in some lilly polos!

so i wanted to say thank you lilly for creating a whole lifestyle brand that elevated everyone's summer and made us all want to dress up and look pretty! i always smile when i see my lilly clothes and have great memories from my hard core lilly days. :)

a lilly top in 2004 (look how young we look!!)

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