June 5, 2013

Copy Cat: Global Views Flower Mirror!!

homegoods comes through once again. the real version costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $500-$600 (although i think it's been discontinued now) but not the homegoods version! $49.99 :)  i saw it and i pounced. i really don't know where it's going in my house but there are a few potential options.

(sneak peek of something in the background there - post to come!!)

in action:

via pinterest

people with little girls should get themselves to homegoods stat. i mean...

lynn morgan design

just as pretty in an entry:

rachel reider

i am pretty sure mine is a smaller than the real deal but i am perfectly ok with that.


bindu said...

Please could share the item code in the home goods store for this mirror

meredith said...

sorry, i have no idea

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