July 8, 2013

All Good Things

must come to an end i guess. i'm back at work today after my very nice extended break. i can only imagine how many emails will be waiting for me. plus i'm coming back right in the middle of one of our crazier periods so that should be fun. also the boys start at a new "school" this week which we're really excited about but it adds to the craziness. please forgive me in advance for light posting.

our first lunch boxes!

other random things on this monday... beautiful hydrangeas blooming outside our door! our wedding was chock full of huge, blue hydrangeas, they are my favorite flower (along with peonies).

i came across this fabric at my local paint store but i was in a huge rush and didn't have time to do anything but take a pic. the pattern is called radford and the colorway is flamingo. i just thought it was so cute and happy - perfect for summer!

that's all...and if you hear someone screaming, regardless of where you live, it's probably me. please just say a little prayer! ;)

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