July 2, 2013

iPhone 5 Case Dilemma

my phone - the actual phone portion - i know, who uses that anymore? ;) got all wonky. started making calls while i was already on a call, dialing random digits, and would try to facetime suddenly in the middle of a conversation. like i'm pretty sure the electrician doesn't want to facetime with me. so i was up for an upgrade anyway and got an iphone 5.

of course now the hunt starts for a case. as you may remember, i have been pretty partial to kate spade cases (one even endured flying off the roof of my car!). but a new mistress has been tempting me - rifle paper company.

mmm gold stripes. and what about this floral one?

so pretty! i think i might cheat! sorry kate. p.s. it seems like everyone and their mother is making iphone cases these days. you can find cute ones in tj maxx too!


michelle said...

i will be getting the gold stripe one once i finally upgrade my phone!

Ann Gavin said...

Love the gold stripe! I completely cave when Colin asks to hold my phone to watch PBS kids, so mine is safely in an Otter Box for now :)

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