July 25, 2013

Just. Random. Stuff.

today is my birthday – 34 years young y'all. and in honor of that, i am posting two links that make me laugh instead of silly old design stuff :)

the first is a chart of british-speak... what a british person might say, how they might mean it, and how we non-brits might interpret it. i wish that i was british or had their way with words or even just the accent. i’d take the accent in a heartbeat! we’ve started downton abbey (LOVE THAT SHOW!!) on netflix and now when we go to bed we say “i’m going through.”

the second is a freaking hysterical article about moms failing – the specific topic happens to be about the end of the school year which i'll be able to relate to in about another 5 years. but i think the overall concept can really apply to anything and makes me feel infinitely better about myself and my failures as a mom. i’m going to save this and read it once first grade hits and remind myself that it’s ok not to be a super mom, crafting all sorts of homemade, fancy pants, pinterest-worthy crap crafts. (and even if you are one of those crafty types, it's ok to take a break once in a while!)

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Melissa W. said...

Happy belated birthday!

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