July 31, 2013

Weekend Projects

before i forget... YARD SALE TOMORROW!!!

so it's wednesday and i'm just now getting around to sharing my projects from last weekend. my parents were up visiting and that always means that we get a ton of stuff done. including a massive trip to ikea. that place is the worst - and i mean that in the best way. it's like target. you go in for 2 specific things and end up walking out with like the whole store.

case in point - i went for one rolling cart for the laundry room (which btw is almost done and looks fab!) and two expedit bookcases. $$$ and two cranky kids later we were finally leaving.

but anyway, here are some of the projects - including some of the ikea ones - from last weekend...

i'm setting up a fun little area for doing crafts (which is a fancy way of saying drawing and playing with playdough) in the basement for the boys. the bookcases were the reason we went to ikea in the first place! lots more planned for this nook...those walls won't be blank for long!

staying in the basement, we somehow ended up bringing home this giant map from ikea. yep. i do think it will be great for the kids as they grow. this thing is massive - 6.5' x 4.75'. i also like that it's low so they can really see it up close.

the basement is also where my parents' room is - it's a nice separation of space. it really doesn't feel like a basement i swear. full size windows!! anyway so i set up a little console area with lamps to make it feel more homey. (yes the artwork is hung too high. *sigh*)  the console was in our entry in our old house and the print was hung in the upstairs hallway.

and speaking of their room, we finally hung one of my most favorite prints for them. this is the copy cat room that i created in our old house and continued in this one. i love this room :)

ok finally moving out of the basement, i lined the drawers of the new/old dresser. let me rephrase, my mom cut all of the paper to size and all i did was peel and stick! you're the best mom :) i found the contact paper on amazon - it's from macbeth collection. the back had a grid with measurements to the 1/4 inch which turned out to be very helpful since my measurements involved 1/4 inches!

so how was your weekend? hey - better late than never to ask right? :)

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