August 26, 2013

On My Mind: Planked Ceilings

y'all i am so sorry about last week's lack of posting. work clearly got the better of me and i just could. not. catch. up. anyway onto better things...we had a great time hanging out with friends this weekend including 4 kids under 2 and one 4 year old! we also had the most gorgeous weekend here, mid 70s and sans humidity. this summer girl is ready to wear fall clothes! but i shouldn't be wishing the warm weather away - i'll be cursing it all come february and march!

so i feel like everywhere i look lately, planking is happening. remember this nursery i posted about? i love the look of a white planked ceiling (and walls for that matter) and have a hankering to use this idea down the road in my mudroom. what do you think?

(all images via pinterest)

p.s. the winner of last week's contest got in contact with me so just wanted to tell anyone who was holding out hope for another drawing!

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