September 30, 2013

Fall Flats

hello! how was your weekend? we finished up a project from 2 weekends ago - hanging new pendant lights in our kitchen - and i am still in awe of how it has transformed our kitchen! more on that to come later this week. for now, i am pining over two pairs of flats from one of my most favorite brands. loeffler randall. 

the first is very classic beige and black. i even like the name of them - grier.

the next is animal print, of course. my leopard flats are one of my fav pairs but they are old and the hair is starting to rub off. these are so pretty and they would go with anything and everything! plus the pointed toe is perfection.

why is it that my favorite has to be ones that are $200?? ouch. and not happening. but i thought if i posted them it would make me feel better. (i know what you're thinking - "how's that working out for ya?") p.s. what do you think about toe cleavage? does it bother you? i think i'm indifferent.

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