October 30, 2013

Look For Le$$

sorry y'all - i got the toddler bug. i was the last man standing too! so mad! hopefully it will pass quickly. gotta love a good germ infested house :)

so i'm guessing pretty much everyone has heard of this website but in case there is someone out there (like me until a couple of weekends ago) who hasn't...go to http://www.decorpad.com/look-4-less. like now. there are pages upon pages of home decor stuff. everything under the sun from light to furniture to knick knacks. and all of them are looks for less!

like these lamps...

some of the stuff is the exact same thing just found one two different websites - one for a lot and one for less. and other stuff is an expensive item and then a similar looking one that's less (and in most cases, very similar looking). shout to JL for hooking me up and showing me the light :)
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