October 3, 2013


hi there, the gross cold/cough bug that's been going around these parts finally caught me and i wasn't feeling too well tuesday. and since i don't have any pictures taken of everything i want to show you, today is a bit random.

i am about as far as you can get from a coffee person. i don't touch it - no interest. but a new little boutique-y coffee shop opened up in our town and it is amazing. everything is hand poured and fancy. their chai latte is delish and their breakfast sandwiches make me weak in the knees. just don't ask me about the coffee :) p.s. it's called haute coffee (how did i forget to mention that before?!)

major props for the high chairs too!

these pumpkins are cool.

and this idea to spiff up one of those ugly folding chairs is cute i think.

1 comment:

Lacey said...

is that in the old Comellas? got to get out there and try it! I'll drink the coffee and you eat the breakfast sangy!

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