October 22, 2013

Table Lamps To Love

i find it weird sometimes the stuff i like. like lamps. i spent way too much time this weekend looking at lamps. i am trying to find someone selling target's threshold line ridged ceramic lamp. i am so pissed i missed out on that lamp!! so i tried to find another which of course led me to find many others. :)

the lookalike at horchow (for about $200 more than the target version. grrr)

and a smaller scale version too.

jonathan adler also has a version if you want to check it out. some others that caught my eye...

big fat ceramic lamp with a lucite base and cool orange shade.

navy, bamboo, glossy, lucite. need i say more?

awesome texture at a pretty awesome price. not sure about the shade but that's easily fixed.

supremely random post but hopefully you found it useful if you're in the market for a lamp or two!

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