November 5, 2013

Shelf Liner

this post is going to make no sense at first but i have to tell you the whole story... i had been thinking that it had been a while since i last got a copy of both house beautiful and hgtv magazine in the mail. and in fact i haven’t gotten one since july!! WTF! it turns out my account had been suspended and the website said it was at my request. no way. why would i do that? it doesn't even make any sense. has that ever happened to anyone else? so in crazy crisis mode i went on amazon and bought single issues from september and october for both mags. did you know there are sellers like that? i mean what can’t you get on the internet?!

anyway, finally getting to the point of this post (!), i was flipping through the september issue of hgtv and saw some cute shelf liners from

greek key:

a pink one that would be so cute in a little girl's room:

this one reminds me of schumacher's betwixt fabric:

remember this paper that i used to line the drawers of my vintage bali hai dresser? wait, did i ever share (my memory does not function properly anymore)? it's gray and white chevron from the macbeth collection that i found on, yet again, amazon!

happy lining!

1 comment:

Ann Gavin said...

We used Macbeth Collection liners in our kitchen- I found it at Home Goods!

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