December 6, 2013


tgif! tonight we're going out to celebrate my hubby's bday (happy belated birthday mr. r :). we are also bringing on the holiday spirit and getting our tree. i love decorating the tree and rediscovering all of our ornaments each year! plus we finally have a topper this year! i'm sad to say that we are not doing candles in the windows this time. too hazardous/tempting for little people. :)  oh p.s. if you follow me on instagram you may have seen a sneak peek of the kitchen backsplash - can't wait to share next week!!

over thanksgiving my mom and i stopped in one of our favorite interior design stores that happens to be located in the little town where my parents live. i’ve posted about dwelling before but this time i took a bunch of pics to share with you. they are all iphone pics so not the best but i was trying to be discreet and the little store was so crowded!

my mom has the vase on the second shelf at the far left. it's really pretty!

that mirror is very fun.

a little hard to tell but this pillow had three layers of wavy navy and pink borders. i wanted it so bad - it stayed there :(

my mom had her eye on this ottoman. love the link detail at the bottom.

so many pretty lights!

i didn’t even get any shots of the main areas because there were too many people! they have the most awesome little vignettes set up everywhere but hopefully these pics give you an idea! have a great weekend!!

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