December 2, 2013

Plate Walls

hiiii! oh little blog, i have been neglecting you! i sa-wee (as my almost-two-year-olds say). thanksgiving travel and preparation took a lot out of me and so has work which is just out of control lately. add that to sporadic sleep for one of my little guys and i was worn out. BUT our thanksgiving holiday, despite being a little bit of a whirlwind, has revived me. many thanks to my parents for happily watching two little boys tear their house apart without so much as a complaint. lots to be grateful for and i hope all of you had a wonderful holiday!

ok so...i'm contemplating (ha that was not on purpose i swear!!) a plate wall for our dining room. we have a lot of blank space that i'm slowly trying to do something with. we have art on two walls, a mirror on a third (above the coral console), and then a really huge empty spot. :( so i was thinking of plates. and mostly because i already have four blue and white ones.

both images via pinterest

what do you think? my better half says it's old fashioned. is he right? also what's your opinion on symmetry?

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