January 29, 2014


hey y'all!! it's cold. no, cold doesn't even begin to describe it. it's becoming unbearable; i don't do well in temps in the teens much less single digit and negative numbers. but it's days like these that i walk into our well-insulated house and literally feel so thankful that it's warm and not drafty (like our old one).

if you follow me on instagram you have seen that i've been working on our entry and also paint colors for our kitchen and family room. the kitchen facelift project is still in progress and ridding ourselves of the yellow walls is another step in that plan!  once i find time to snap some photos i'll share the details of how everything is shaping up!

but for today i'm thinking about flowers. (this is the most random post!) probably because they remind me of spring which really can't come fast enough. i saw this arrangement on my pinterest feed and really fell hard and fast. i love the symmetry.

when i planning my wedding and meeting with florists, i told them all that i wanted one huge blue hydrangea encircled by white roses. i wanted it to look very tailored. my tastes have since changed a bit (i didn't even like peonies back then - imagine!!) but i remember the florist who i ultimately chose said, "i've never done that before but let's try." i knew she was the one :)  oh but i still love love love hydrangeas - that will never change!

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