January 6, 2014

Happy Me To Me

happy 2014!! i had such a nice break and i am feeling refreshed and renewed - how cliche is that?! i am especially feeling this way when it comes to design stuff and my commitment to continue to make our house into a fun, bright, and comfortable home. i'm excited to see where 2014 takes me on that journey and thanks for sticking around with me while i explore! i also have a few fun client projects that i'm really digging and will try my best to post befores and afters of those.

in the meantime, yesterday was my boys' second birthday. i have TWO 2 year olds! yikes! i can barely believe it's been two years but on the other hand sometimes i definitely can. they love to sing happy birthday and they learned the song when it was daddy's birthday so their version started as, "happy daddy to daddy." now they're adapting it to "happy me to me" which is very precious sounding when it comes from a toddler's sweet little voice!

happy birthday to the two lights of my life. the most adorable and perfect little humans i know. i am so happy to be your mommy!

(finn on top, older than his brother charlie by just one minute)

consequently it's also the second anniversary of my hair growing back - have other moms experienced this?? my hair fell out after the boys were born - all over my head - and it's been slowly growing back in ever since. i have these unintentional long bangs going on right now and if you take a bunch of my hair near my scalp and run your hand down to the tip, it's about two or three times the thickness up at the top. i keep cutting my hair shorter so the two lengths will eventually meet! so random but nonetheless, there you have it!

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