February 14, 2014

Friday Finds: Etsy Art & A Discount!

it's a good thing i had a bunch of posts already written and lined up this week because we've had the week from h e double hockey sticks health-wise. both of my poor little ones were hit hard with a bug and after three visits to the pedi in four days, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. needless to say, life has been on hold!

ok so let me start with the exciting part of this post and that is, a discount! the founder of jomers left me a comment on this post and offered a discount to anyone who reads this blog. yippee! so hop on over to jomers and use this code: thanksmeredith! (with the exclamation point) to receive 20% your order! they get definite points for simply taking the time to reach out and connect with me. not to mention it's pretty savvy marketing :)

on to the friday finds...it's been a long looong time since i've done one of these posts but i've accumulated quite a few favorites on etsy lately that i'd thought i'd share! a lot of different things qualify as "artwork" in my book and they don't have to be fancy at all or involve paint brushes.

gold heart on blush cardstock. so simple and pretty. perfect for valentine's day and also so cute in a little girl's nursery!

i came across this family established print from princess snap while searching for a friend's gallery wall. i love how simple this is!

and here is the print that we ended up going with which i think is so pretty!

i love this simple watercolor ampersand.

the colors in this watercolor feather are gorgeous and this shop has lots of other beautiful feather prints too.

blue clara is a shop on etsy that creates amazing silhouettes. i've seen them with my own two eyes and they genuinely look like the subjects. and the owner, jamie, is as nice as can be.

p.s. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! my hubby's least favorite holiday ever haha! we are staying in and cooking ourselves a nice meal. and hopefully getting to sleep through the night - ahh the romance :)

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