April 4, 2014

Modern Wing Chair

thanks so much for the emails and texts in support of my decision! i hope you continue coming back here because i'm bound to break the rules at least once (just kidding. sort of. actually if i want to stay married then i'm definitely kidding!). but yeah, don't abandon me!

on to the good stuff and one of those things that was already "in the works." :) mention the words wing chair and people sometimes automatically think of their parents' or grandparents' gross old chair!

 left via spruce austin, right via all things thrifty

but today there are so many versions of wing chairs - modern and traditional - they are a must have in any house and so versatile. even the two above reupholstered and cleaned up would be great! we have three different style of wing chairs in our house. one traditional style in the guest room:

a pair of modern style from mitchell + gold:

and now a kind of in-between style from ballard designs (which you already saw a sneak peek of if you follow me on instagram!):

after we separated the boys' rooms, we needed a chair for the newly created bedroom. we have a pair of tan club chairs, one of which was in the original bedroom and the other was in our family room. so i stole the family room chair and moved it upstairs. for a replacement in the family room, i took advantage of a ballard 20% off sale and ordered the thurston wing back in navy twill with brass nailheads. love those nailheads!

the reviews were fantastic which made it easier to commit. and i'd say they're pretty accurate - the chair is insanely comfortable. it kind of wraps around you and holds you in. it's also deep and if i sit all the way back, my feet just barely touch the floor! (and i'm 5'5")  the only thing i wish is that it was little bit bigger. i think some of the reviews must have been from people with smaller spaces or apartments. it fits our space but we could have gone bigger. overall i'm really happy!

enjoy the weekend and email me some projects!!

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