May 6, 2014

Would You Wear These?

would you wear vans? i’ve been trying to find a casual shoe that i can wear without socks and with skinny jeans that don’t look completely ridiculous. (actually even harder to find is a shoe you can wear with socks and skinny jeans). so i keep coming across vans that are now in really cute designs.

like these from madewell:

you can even customize a pair:

another option is the new, sleeker converse. these in white are all the rage right now and i’m trying to decide if i could pull them off.

so would you or do you wear any of these? other ideas? i know keds are back too but i OD'd on those in middle school and they just don't appeal to me now.

1 comment:

Artie said...

I like the Converse :)

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