June 17, 2014

Chatham 2014!

hi! we're on vacation this week - last year we took this same trip but rented a different house. we love our spot this year - near town and the house is perfect with a great deck and patio. even has a white picket fence!

the front door, although a little hard to see here, is the palest seafoam color. so pretty.

here is a peek into the back/side yard from the street. (cones are ours - can't ever take a picture without at least one toy in it!)

i posted here, here and here about houses i stalked on our trip last year. i took pictures mostly of big dream homes around town. this year i'm focusing on smaller "cottages" that are right around our rental or within walking distance.

this one was either recently redone or built and it's adorable.

same story here! love the porches.

so well maintained and the barn in the back on the left is awesome.

most amazing grasses and meticulously maintained lawn.

lots more to share too!

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