June 23, 2014

The Last Of This Year's Houses!

we're home wuh wuh. but it's nice to be home and being away makes you appreciate your house more i think. i love our house! :) so the last of the pretty house pics today. we found some good ones - all on foot - including my dream house. sigh :)

me and my better half celebrating our anniversary!

this one doesn't fit in the "cottage" category but it was too pretty not to take a picture!

this one i talked about last year but this year i actually found it - even on a gray and rainy day (we only had one!) it was beautiful.

there are so many barn-looking garages in chatham and i love all of them! this one is adorable plus the house with the climbing flowers isn't too shabby ;)

this was a newer one and very well done.

this is right across from the lighthouse and i couldn't get enough of the front door with the blue pots. so pretty! (the first two shots were taken from inside the car in the rain)

this was one of my top 5. that door was bright coral and my hubby pointed out that even the driveway was cool (see second pic).

this house is seriously incredible. well screened by trees hence just the peeks through but well worth the effort! the pops of pink flowers are just perfect.

(taken through a rainy windshield!)

this was definitely new too and much prettier in person than in this photo. i love the clapboard front and shingled sides. that style is on my "someday house" wishlist.

(the other side of the same house - it had an awesome purple-y screen door that came out a little too dark in this pic)

another clapboard front/shingle side house with a pretty blue door. the second pic is down the side of this same house.

 these two were just down from the one above and all so gorgeous. the one on the right below is still under construction but i would be happy to move in right now!

saving the best for last, these two houses were to die for but the one on the left (the closer one in this shot) is my absolute favorite of anything we saw. it is just done to a tee. everything is pristine, i can only imagine inside. it's not huge but i think perfect for a weekend getaway. plus directly across the street is an ocean view with private beach. sign. me. up.

the only thing i might add is some color on the door.

the neighbor house.

until next year!

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