June 5, 2014

The Perfect Layering Tank

fall through spring i wear a white tank as a base layer almost every day. i’m a jeans kinda gal (although i’m trying to wear more casual dresses now that it’s warm again) and my office is super casual. i’ve become kind of a connoisseur of inexpensive white tank tops. (wow that sounds incredibly lame haha). my favorite go-to has become gap's essential rib tank. it’s stretchy enough that it holds its shape (i’m looking at you j crew tanks that stretch out so so badly) and thick enough to not slide off your shoulder and long enough to tuck in. and since i go wear them so often i also end up tossing them more frequently than most shirts. so the $11 (sale price a couple days ago!) price tag makes that possible. i buy a size up from my regular shirt size. the other day i bought 5! when is the last time you bought 5 of the same shirt?!

as an aside, i also really liked their maternity tanks and still wore them for a while afterwards.

p.s. how is it possibly june?!

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