July 25, 2014

Killing It: Land Of Nod

i had intended to post this last week so now i'm probably late to the game but have you seen some of the stuff at land of nod lately?? it's so good.

this whole campaign collection is perfect. and not only for kids!

adorable kids desks.

and these cribs! ugh why didn't they have fun colors in (semi) affordable prices 2 1/2 years ago?! pb kids has fun colors now too. so unfair!!

this rocker is the perfect scaled down chair for a smaller space. not only for a nursery.

land of nod's rugs are always great but i am dying to use this modern swiss cross one.

super cute bedding like these sheets (and also comes in a crib sheet). hmm these would be pretty perfect for finn's room. :)

p.s. it's my birthday and it's kind of a big one. trying to pretend i'm 29 again! #feelingold


Mary-Elisabeth Jones said...

*** Happy, Happy B-day ! *** MB

Forward Thinking Design = A Life Well Lived said...
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