November 3, 2014

Holiday Pretties

how was your halloween? the boys had a blast - what a difference a year makes. they were totally into it this year and it was so fun! BUT then it snowed yesterday. nothing that actually stuck but still. it's november freaking 2nd!! and as predictable as ever, i asked my husband where exactly he is making me live and why. :) but now that it's after halloween, i guess we can start thinking about the holidays?! we were actually in macy's over the weekend returning a gift that my husband received (p.s. i can't remember the last time i was in a macy's and it was almost weird to be in an old, traditional department store like that. it was like a time warp!) and anyway they already had a christmas display up! full on tree with ornaments, garlands and lights - wacky. but i realized that i have started thinking about the holidays too - like wish lists and prettying up the house with a few things.

so today i gathered up a few items that i think would add a little sparkle!

top row:

brass planter.

pom pom ornament. this year i want to cover my tree in giant pom poms. really. etsy has some good options of course but i like these multi-colored ones too - although they aren't "giant" - with the pretty beaded loop to hang from! and these would be pretty with a bunch of them in a bowl, not only for a tree.

a pretty bar cart - really can be used for so many things and of course drinks!

bottom row:

gold and black kraft paper for wrapping although i'm sure you diyers out there could come up with a million different uses!

red and pink striped candles - these are headed straight for my table!

concrete and gold dipped candle holders. these could really be placed anywhere and not necessarily with candles.

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