December 22, 2014

Panic Mode!! (And Some Great Art!)

the realization has hit that there are 3 more wrapping days until christmas and i haven't wrapped a single thing. and i'm working today and tomorrow. #screwed #bettergetcracking

in a lame attempt to post something today, i thought i'd share what i posted yesterday on instagram.

our bathroom is pretty monotone - pale floors, walls, counters, and cabinetry. it's really soothing which i love but it needed a little something of interest. so to keep the soothing feel, i chose a beach scene by photographer bree madden. i found it during the thanksgiving day sales and it was 30% off - so about $105 for a 30x30 piece of art - framed. insane! even not on sale it's still a deal.

i really love seeing it on the wall every morning - especially in the winter when i'm california dreamin' :)

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