December 12, 2014

The Family Tree

it's friiiiday! this weekend we are super excited to be going on a little road trip to visit some 3 week old puppies. we love our lily girl so much and miss her every day but we've decided we have room in our hearts for a new little baby. the boys are out of their minds excited :)

anyway, i've posted a few pics of our christmas tree on instagram and i thought i'd share a few more here. i'm really loving it this year - it's really full and a great shape. and better yet my husband cut the trunk really well so it's actually straight too! we probably won't hit this trifecta again for a few years so i better document it ;)

this year i decided i wanted to decorate with giant pom poms. i'm not exactly sure how that got in my head. i saw a picture somewhere of a tree with really big ornaments and i think it must have loosely been my inspiration. also i wanted a safer, fun, and way less formal tree without the traditional, and very breakable, glass balls. so i ordered 20 pom poms from this seller on etsy but when they came i was a little scared.

it just looked like an incohesive mess! but as i started to put them on the tree it actually started to look cute and young and fun which was my goal.

happy with the end result! for some reason when i try to take a pic with my phone and the lights are on, it does this weird thing where it can't focus and ends up taking pictures like this...

but they're so cool looking!! enjoy your weekend - only 2 weeks till christmas ahhh!!

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