January 15, 2015

The End Of An Era (And The Beginning Of A New One)

today is my last day of work at the company where i've been for the last 7.5 years. this is a big deal for me as my work has always been an important part of my life. but bigger than that even is that this is my last day of work - like normal office-type work. it's a crazy life change and a scary one at that! i'm feeling a bunch of emotions - excitement (i mean this is a choice after all), guilt (i should be contributing income to our household), embarrassment (i do have a brain and a college education but somehow i'm choosing not to put them to work at the moment), and a sense of focus (i can really focus on one job now because let's face it, being a mom is a job in itself).

i am also going to have a bit more time which i treasure. we're adding a new member to our family (more to come on him soon!) which will keep me very occupied at first. i volunteered as a room parent this year which if you know me is kind of, well, out of character. i'm thinking forward to the summer and might actually get my kids swimming in the big pool now that we're potty trained! (p.s. they're potty trained!!! i was dreading it so much but it turned out to not be so bad.)  i've been saying that i want to start painting again for a year now - i have all the supplies and now i might even have the chance. the list could go on and on...i don't think i'll be bored :)

in addition to all of those things i'm really excited about legitimatizing my design business. i need to figure out a name, a logo, update my blog, and get some big girl business cards. and the fun part is that now i think i'll actually have time to do it! so join me on this journey into next phase of life. oh and if you're looking for some design help, please reach out!! e-design clients welcome!

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